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JG is a refreshing and vibrant Estate Agency based in Bolton that refuses to sit still for too long. Innovative in thought, logical, and practical in approach this family run firm is well established in the Bolton property market place.

I originally bought this property through JG Independent and subsequently they sold it for me. I found them to be fair, friendly and excellent to deal with. My needs and concerns were always their priority interest.
Faultless service ,family business all extremely helpful and professional.My house was sold very quickly,the support and advice was excellent. Lisa was amazing, always the voice of reason when I was worried about anything.Value for money.
W. Kynaston
After experience of many house sales I found JG to be the best agent by far. Alexander and Diedre were extremely helpful and lisa was exceptional throughout the whole process in providing a proactive weekly update as we progressed to completion.
A professional, helpful & friendly firm who advised sensibly and were always willing to extend themselves to provide customer satisfaction. 
I found the staff extremely knowledgeable about properties in the area. They were efficient, friendly and professional and kept us up to date with the process all the way through to sale. I would definately recommend them to friends and family.
The service was friendly but very professional. The photographic skills of Alexander were of a very high standard and showed the house to the best of its ability, the right pricing/marketing & handling of potential buyers resulted in super fast sale.
JG Independent from start to finish the estate agent was very professional and kept you updated on the progress. JG managed to sell our home within 4 days of it being placed on the market! they are very efficient and very helpful to their clients
Very sincere and professional. Often went above and beyond to ensure chain held together and completed. Good communication throughout. Highly recommend. Many thanks Alex and team.
This is the second time I have used JG Independent. As before I found them to offer a very personal and efficient service. On calling them they always new who I was and what the property details were. Personal service par excellence.
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